EFT Rapid Stress Relief

Get instant relief from stress and anxiety, anytime, anywhere!

Worrying at night and struggling to sleep?
Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?
Grappling with your emotions and stressed?
Feeling trapped, stuck or small?

 Imagine having the tools and support to transform these stressors into empowerment and positive experiences!

Feel calmer, experience improved sleep, health, harmonious relationships, become inspired and improve your problem solving skills.

I will guide you step by step to safely and powerfully to rapidly release  stressors and limitations in your daily life.

Scientifically Proven Technique

EFT, “Emotional Freedom Technique” commonly referred to as tapping, is a powerful self-help tool utilising elements of Cognitive Therapy, Exposure Therapy and Acupressure.  Over 20 clinical trials published in 100 peer reviewed medical and psychology journals, have demonstrated that EFT is highly effective for anxiety, fears, stress, depression, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder,  pain,  and more!  
Picture an energy system in the body that resembles an electrical circuit where we can experience energy flow blockages. These blockages are typically caused by unpleasant experiences, which  can be eliminated by tapping on specific meridian points. 

Experience immediate relief from day-to-day stress and anxiety. Enrolling to the HappiSoul EFT Tapping Rapid Stress Relief course today!

Delivered by Alison Monaghan van Vuuren, a passionate EFT Master Trainer and facilitator, this course empowers you with a simple yet powerful tool to manage stress and anxiety anytime, anywhere.  Designed to help people of all ages, you'll learn the tapping points and procedures, and understand the importance of keeping on track with your tapping (and keeping it simple!) to reduce stress quickly.
EFT tapping will powerfully and creatively assist you to feel lighter, experience confidence, trust in yourself and fulfil your dreams.
Discover why EFT Tapping could be your go-to tool, with its scientifically proven benefits of being fast, easy to learn and apply to oneself.

You will learn how to:
•Rapidly reduce cortisol levels
•Remain clear and focused with your tapping for effective results
•Use this tool anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life
•Apply it to different scenarios, depending on your level of stress  

Please note that this course is designed for day-to-day stress and not for trauma treatment.
1:1 sessions are available via my website to safely address your trauma.


Learn the basic techniques of EFT Tapping so you can confidently use this tool anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life.


Supporting you to address and manage different types of stress; including the Full Technique, Quick Tap, Release & Realign, Physical Pain and Reframing stress.


Access a series of PDFs created to deepen your understanding of EFT, how to use it, when to use it and how to look after yourself after an EFT session.

Course Curriculum

Kind Words from Clients

Listen to the voices of past students who have triumphed over stress through the Rapid Stress Relief Course, and witness the positive transformations they've experienced firsthand. Discover the profound impact that this course has had on their emotional well-being and discover how you too can harness this easy-to-use yet transformative tool to improve your life.

In this video Ashleigh shares her experience. 

 "Wow, having completed the course, I feel a real difference in the struggle I have been having with overwhelm in many areas of my life including workplace and personal relationships.   The guided tapping videos provided a way to immediately release physical and emotional stress. In particular I found the physical pain and tension videos a real relief as I had been holding this in my body, it helped release the pain and nausea that I have had in my stomach. Alison sets you up for success by providing a user-friendly experience with easy explanations to gain the most benefit for reducing immediate stressors.   What I love is that I am now empowered with a skill that I can come back to at any time anywhere working on issues as they arise. It is especially nice to know that you can 'rinse and repeat' the techniques as often as you need until you find relief! Alison is so personable, and nurturing and I felt supported through the whole course. I highly recommend this course to anyone experiencing any kind of stress and who wants an easy method to follow and apply to bring you into a sense of safety and calm."

Fiona - Client

"As a first time tapper I found Alison's Course to be very easy to follow. With clear and gentle instructions Alison guides you to a better you. After a recent loss/death and an ensuing family disagreement I found myself overwhelmed by my anger, hurt, frustration, anxiety and unable to connect to my grief. Following the Rapid Stress Relief course enabled me to clear my mind/ free my thoughts and focus on healing myself and my self worth. While the video on the Full Tapping Technique gives you a full understanding of what is ahead, I found the Quick Tap to be very useful in times of sudden onset of anxiety. The Physical Pain and Tension video really did release the tension I was feeling in between my shoulders."

Wendy - Client

Course Pricing

Rapid Stress
Relief Course

$100 USD


As soon as you sign up for the course, you will receive your login details and have immediate access! The course is designed to be completed at your own pace and is available in its entirety, allowing you to move through it as quickly or slowly as you prefer. You will have lifetime access to the course, so we encourage you to revisit it as often as you need until the tools become second nature.

No, you don't! In these videos, we will guide you through the concept of EFT, the tapping points to focus on, and how to structure your set-up statement. This tool is easy to pick up and benefits everybody!

This course is designed to be revisited over and over again, no matter what stressors you are facing. We keep the language around the stressor open for you to customize to your specific situation. Whether you are experiencing stress from work, life, study, finances, relationships, health, or your environment, you will be able to apply these tools again and again. EFT is also a technique that can be used for many different scenarios in life. 

Almost immediately! EFT is an incredibly effective tool for quickly shifting your state for the better. After just a round or two of tapping, you will notice a difference. With more practice and more rounds of tapping, you should move into a more positive state of mind. We can't wait for you to experience this transformational tool.

For the first time in a very long time I have a fantastic tool at my fingertips to help me address anxiety and concerns on a daily basis. With each practice I am resolving and clearing many limiting beliefs and negative thought processes. It has been an uplifting experience to receive tapping coaching from Alison who is extremely insightful and thoughtful in her assistance and guidance. Gratitude to you Alison.

Relief from Daily Anxiety

Kind Words - Past Client

After a prolonged period of workplace conflict, Ali’s tapping released pent-up emotion that I had been carrying around for several months without realising the detrimental affect it was having on my health. After crying quite spontaneously for a few minutes during the tapping, I felt a distinct cognitive shift. It was a joyful release from conflict that inspired real courage. 

Releasing Work Stress

Kind Words - Past Client

I find Tapping to be very effective for releasing anxiety and emotion but alongside this, Alison’s compassionate, empathetic and highly tuned in approach to working through one’s feelings is amazing. I immediately felt myself release a lot of emotion and fears during the Tapping session and afterwards, I felt an instant clarity and calmness to my outlook and being.  

Moving on from a Stressful Experience

Kind Words - Past Client



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Ashleigh Ryan

Immediate relief!

I came across this course at a hugely stressful time in my life - launching a business! I found Ali so warm, easy to understand and her teachings were clear, concise and practical. I loved the videos and found huge relief using the Quick Tap, and saw immediate relief when I practiced this tool. I look forward to revisiting the contents of the course over and over, whenever I feel stressed or anxious.

8 months ago

Alison van Vuuren

Meet Ali, the founder of HappiSoul.com. With over 33 years of experience supporting people with physical and emotional challenges, Ali's passion is to help you return to the essence of who you truly are - pure LOVE. Using powerful healing modalities like EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, and sound healing, Ali will guide you in person in Sydney or online to release limitations, patterns, and associated trauma that keep you stuck.